Elf Cam is here to offer proof that the magic of Christmas really exists, with live footage of Santa Claus squeezing down the chimney in your own living room.

Designed by Elves

Elf Cam comes directly from the North Pole R&D department, where a team of Engineer Elves have been hard at work giving the Season of Goodwill a technological overhaul.

The results of last year’s Santa Certainty Survey show today’s tech-savvy youth to be increasingly difficult to convince of Santa’s existence. Therefore, for the first time ever, video footage of Father Christmas’s yuletide activities will be authorized for distribution exclusively via the iPhone.

Record Santa on Video!

The Elf Cam application was specially developed to capture night-vision video of the cheerful chap’s chimney travels through the user’s own living room. Thanks to the custom Fireplace Photo Filter™ software, Elf Cam is able to record Ol’ Saint Nic exiting the hearth with his sack of presents.

If you don’t have a chimney or fireplace, don’t worry -- Elf Cam will record Santa magically appearing in any location you wish!

Ho-Ho-Ho-cial Networking™

The elves’ Connected Christmas Company will also use Elf Cam to keep children updated on North Pole progress and festive features via regular video updates.

Our professional elves are also on-hand to answer common Christmas questions.

Have You Been Good?

The good/naughty list is to be made public for the first time, and a real-time submission system is provided for sending Christmas lists directly to Santa’s workshop.

All these services are manned 24-hours a day by elves, based in the North Pole’s Cold Call Center.

North Pole Finder

This Christmas compass points directly towards Santa’s HQ. Keep the pine needle pointing North and you’ll hear what Santa and the elves are up to.

NOTE: The North Pole Finder also works in low-visibility and foggy weather conditions.

Christmas Countdown

Remember how excited you were about Christmas as a child? You couldn’t wait to open your presents right? Well, apart from helping your little ones pass the time, Elf Cam also provides an animated display of the how much time is left until Santa’s visit.

Operation – For Elf Eyes Only!

Elf Cam is entirely configurable by “home elves,” allowing children’s names and good/naughty status to be managed.  Elf Cam videos are created in advance, using your device’s camera or photo library, and delievered to children automatically as an Elf Update in the early hours of Christmas morning.